What make our handcrafted designer mirrors unique?  We would say "The Uniqueness of Designs & its Longevity" and "Limited Edition".

The Uniqueness of Designs & its Longevity
Each mirror uses high grade distortion-free float glass as its base and it has gone through 8 steps namely :

1.  Polishing,
2.  Sensitivization,
3.  Activation,
4.  Silver and Copper Deposition,
5.  Passivation,
6.  Paint Adhesion Treatment,
First Cost Baking,
Second Coat Baking.

As compared to the conventional mirror, it offers excellent resistance to weather change, humidity, corrosion, and aggressive agents such as ammonia, acetic acid that exist in some medical or cleaning products.  Aesthetically, it provides long-lasting brilliant beauty as an interior decorative furnishing due to uniqueness of its designs in shapes and features.

Each and every mirror has gone through a handcrafting process described as below before it could reach the buyers :

The Making of  'The Kingdom' ...
1. Float class is cut into raw size that suits the particular design.
2. The edge of a particular design is shaped according to the requirements. 
3. Sand blasting is done.
4. Glass cleaner and acetone (alcohol) is used to clean the left over mercury on the sand blasted area and edges of the mirror coating.  This also protects dust, acidity chemical, oil, water or fingerprints from staying on the surface !
5. Lacquering is done in order to make the Mercury last longer.
6. Hanger and the decorative gem like buttons are glued to the mirror.  The mirror is then ready to go!

The Making of  'Ultimate Sensation' ...

to be provided soon....

Limited Edition
We have got a team of designers that striving ever on to improve and create new design for our products!  We only carry one particular line of handcrafted mirror in limited amount, and in certain time frame!  We have made an estimation of marketing this line for a period of six months to one years.  After the estimated period, this line will stop completely and next line will follow!

The theme of our next line is called "Close to Heart" and there will be different kind of animals, fishes, and sweets buttons appearing on each mirror design.  The line after next is under the stage of "design and create" at the moment and we would definitely want to share you what we have got in our latest designs in the coming future.

We are able to customize your designs at your own requirements and specifications too !  Contact us and find it out more about our customization conditions.


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