Green Global Depot Sdn. Bhd.

We are a well diversified company which majoring in Home Improvement business. Our goal is to bring High 'n' Famous ideas & concepts that are appealing but functional, elegant but within every household means, to Malaysia as well as other places in the world !

The nature of our business involves manufacturing, wholesaling, importing and exporting. Under Green Global Depot Ltd, we do not strive to cover everything under the sun, but rather deals only in superb quality products at an affordable price. All high 'n' famous idea have gone through thorough R & D, analysis & verification by our team to ensure only value for money and quality products are presented to customers!

Our designing & manufacturing team has come out with a new brand name called "Mirrormy". Mirrormy is a brand name of designer mirrors. The quintessence of mirrormy ranges of mirrors is its capability of drawing out simple but attractive, modern but artistic essence and combines them into one particular masterpiece!

We strive for creating ever-lasting beauty, as such, our objective is to introduce 1-2 ranges of designer mirrors in year, and each of distinguishes design and characteristics.

Whether it was extracting from contemporary to elaborate simple & classical sensation, or classical to elaborate contemporary's, Mirrormy helps carve a name in your home with two new ranges of designer mirrors called "The Kingdom" and "Ultimate Sensation.

Nothing is so rare as perfection; "The Kingdom" and " Ultimate Sensation" are meant for boundless beauty. Experience and indulge yourself in the world of Mirrormy.....


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